I have been raised in an artistic milieu that helped hone my passion for Bharatanatyam. I trained under my mother Guru Smt. Revathi Ramachandran. After completing a B.Tech degree in Biotechnology from Anna University, I pursued a Masters in Fine Arts Degree in Bharatanatyam (Distance Education) from Sastra University, Thanjavur under Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam. I wanted to develop my interests spanning domains of science, archeology, philosophy and Indic culture through a Masters Degree (M. A.) in Conservation in the National Museum Institute, New Delhi.

‘Kadhir Conservation’ is my Art Conservation practice that I’ve set up in Chennai & Bengaluru with like minded individuals. As principal of ‘Kala Sadhanalya’ I teach Bharatanatyam. To make art available to all stratas of society, I teach dance to underprivileged children in schools across Chennai.

Bharathanatyam Dancer & Art Conservator

Passionate about science, arts, history and Indian Culture. In constant pursuit of knowledge and exciting challenges.

  • B.Tech: Biotechnology, Anna University
  • MFA: Bharathanatyam, Sastra
  • M.A: Conservation, National Museum Institute
  • Bharathanatyam: Revathi Ramachandran
  • Carnatic Music:Suguna Purushotamman & Gayathri Kamakoti

Seeking opportunities that unite Research and Art.

In numbers

Snapshot of my work

Live Performances India & Overseas

Productions Bharatanatyam and Theatre

Projects Object Conservation & Documentation


A brief insight into my journey


Manasvini Ramachandran

Bharathanatyam, Art, Conservation, Research, Science, History, Music



2018 - Ongoing

National Museum Institute, New Delhi, India

  • Stood first in class, semesters 2, 3 & 4
  • Travelled to China to attend a two week programme on Conservation of Wall paintings at North Western University, Xi'an, Shaanxi province

Workshops and Experience

  • Book binding and book conservation at IGNCA
  • Mr. Lalit Patak- paper conservation
  • Mr. Girikumar- Photography conservation
  • Dr. Vandana Singh- Metal conservation
  • Ms. Smitha Singh- textile documentation and Conservation
  • Site visit to Ajanta and Ellora with Dr. Satish Pandey on wall painting documentation and conservation
  • Paper conservation at the National museum lab
  • Documentation and conservation of objects in Anthropology at the arms and armour Departments at the National Museum.


2017 - 2019

SASTRA University, Distance Education

A study of time keeping in Indian dance from the Natyasatra to present day and a comparison of Tala systems, under Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam.

Masters Thesis: Aspects of Tala


2011 - 2015

A.C. Tech, Anna University, Chennai

Visiting Students Research Programme, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (Mumbai) Project at the Department of Biological Sciences under Prof. B. J. Rao.

Bachelor's Thesis: Project at the Department Of Biotechnology, Anna University, under Prof. P. Gautam. Study on 8-Hydroxy Quinoline derivatives and their interaction with Proteins

Professional Experience

Bharathanatyam Dancer

  • trained in Bharatanatyam from her mother/ Guru Smt. Revathi Ramachandran for over 22 years
  • Having many titles to her credit including the “Balasraswathy Award” from the Krishna Gana Sabha, “Yuva Kala Vipanchee” from the Vipanchee trust, “ Yuva Kala Bharathi” from Bharath Kalachaar, “Natana Bhava Padmam” from Brahma Gana Sabha and “Natya Chudar” from Karthik Fine Arts, she pursues the art with zeal and exuberance.
  • Manasvini has been under the mentorship of Sri. Sheejith Krishna and has paticipated in his productions “Sadrshyam” and “Ram Katha”.
  • Graded “B” by the Door Dharshan Kendra.

Carnatic Music

  • Student of Smt. K. Gayatri Prasanna and Smt. Suguna Purushothaman

Noteworthy Productions

  • Vidhuran Choreographed and performed dance sequence for Chennai’s first Mimeshow | Aug 2011
  • International Dance Alliance, Chennai Performed in Smt. Chitra Visweswaran’s Troupe | Aug 2012
  • Sadrashyam Performed as part of Sri. Sheejith Krishna’s, Kalakshetra | Feb 2013
  • Suguna Margam- Solo Margam of Smt. Suguna Purushothaman’s compositions | Sept 2013
  • Subverse a Theater- Music- Dance presentation directed by Smt. GowriRamnarayan | Aug 2013
  • Veda Bharathi, Natya Rangam- Narada Gana Sabha. One of four young dancers chosen to choreograph and present Vedantic songs of Bharathiyar at Bharathi illam, Krishna Gana Sabha, Narada GanaSabha and Kalakshetra | Dec 2014
  • Laya Nirupanam a dance thematic show along with Smt. Revathi. | Aug 2015
  • Jagat Pāvanī Gangā Assisted Smt. Revathi in production| May 2016
  • Dolls, Crea-Shakti acted a monologue directed by Dushyanth Guashekar| Sept 2017
  • Ram Katha, Danced with Sri. Sheejith as a major dancer in the production| Oct 2017

Performances Outside of India

  • Played Child Muruga in "Om Sharavana Bhava" | Apl- Jun 2004 | USA - 16 cities
  • Part of workshop series and Production "Lakshmi Vaibhavam" | Apl 2005 | USA- Pittsburgh and Orlando
  • Perumal Temple Kumbabishegam | Jun 2005 | Singapore
  • Part of "Om Namah Shivaya", 28 shows | Apl- May 2007 | France and Germany
  • ICCR tour as a dancer and Nattuvanar | Sept 2012 | Armenia
  • Was part of Cleveland Tyagaraja Aradhana troupe | April 2017 | USA- 3 cities
  • Toured Australia with Laya Nirupanam, 4 shows | July 2017 | Australia, Sydney and Brisbane
  • Jagat Pavani Ganga - Led a team of 12 under the banner of "AIM for Seva" | Sep 2018 | USA, 12 cities


  • 1st Place - HCL concert series of Music Academy
  • Natya Chudar- 2017 Kartik Fine Arts,Chennai
  • Natana Bhava Padman- 2016 Brahma Gana Sabha,Chennai
  • Yuva Kala Bharathi- 2014 Bharath Kalachar, Chennai
  • Yuva Kala Vipanchee- 2013 Vipanchee trust
  • Bala Sarawathy Award- 2007 Krishna Gana Sabha - Chennai


Below is a brief on some of the work I've been fortunate to do:

  • All
  • Dance
  • Conservation


Research Projects I've worked in

Visting Students Research Programme

Visiting Students Research Programme, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (Mumbai) Project at the Department of Biological Sciences under Prof. B. J. Rao. Requirement of Homologous Recombination Pathway players during various developmental stages in Drosophila melanogaster and understanding the pattern of cell death, cell proliferation and DNA damage in developing III instar eye imaginal disc.

8-Hydroxy Quinoline

Study on 8-Hydroxy Quinoline derivatives and their interaction with Proteins. Project at the Department Of Biotechnology, Anna University under Prof. P. Gautam.

Aspects of Tala

A study of time keeping in Indian dance from the Natyasatra to present day and a comparison of Tala systems.

The Thanjavur Art Plate

A study on the Thanjavur art plate- materials, techniques and conservation. Research carried out on traditional method of making through interviews and observation, XRD data of metals and theorising their deterioration and proposing conservation strategies.

Pallava Grantha

Studied the Pallava Grantha and Vattezhuthu under Dr. R. Nagaswamy, former director Archeological Survey of India.


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